Conversations visualized

101 templates for counselors, practitioners and other care providers

Conversations visualized is the English translation of our bestseller “Gesprek in beeld” after having supported thousands of care providers in the Netherlands and Belgium we feel it’s about time we expand our horizons abroad and share this way of working with the rest of the world!

This book, created by professionals for professionals, aims to visualize client conversations. Conceived, written, and illustrated by professionals who bring their own expertise from the field of counseling, including voice dialogue, transactional analysis, creative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, NLP, and hypnotherapy – it’s all there!

Our second book, ‘Conversations visualized,’ features 101 templates, numerous additional drawing tips, and, of course, a column for notes. It is available for €34.95 (plus shipping costs of €4.95).

Weight: 862 grams | Dimensions: 29.5 cm x 21 cm, thickness 2 cm
Pages: 216 | ISBN: 9789083353609

Ten reasons why working with visual templates works: 

Visual templates help to focus and provide structure
Working visually creates overview and insight
Visual templates increase understanding and bring depth
What has been discussed is better remembered
A photo can be sent to the client as a ‘reminder’
It makes it easy to look back
The session content is easier to share with third parties
Use completed templates as a visual summary
Clients feel more seen and heard
Work becomes easier, more fun, more dynamic and more playful

“Fantastic book! Highly recommended! I think I will use the magazines very often, also when using Poptalk.”

Esther Vrenken

“It’s really nice that this book is available. It is super easy to use and because the templates are already ready, you can easily grab it. I can really recommend it to anyone who works in care, but it can also be used at home with the children.”

Celine Neuteboom

“A book that helps you as a care provider or counselor to have conversations in a very clear and visual way. If you are looking for a way to use drawing in conversations with others, this is highly recommended!”


“What a beautiful book this is! Provides great tools if you want to apply the power of drawing in your conversations. Theoretical models have also been developed in a clear and practical manner, making them immediately applicable. Highly recommended!”